Offshore energy key for Floridas future

June 5, 2018

(By Julio Fuentes, President and CEO of the Florida State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.)

Floridians will vote on a number of constitutional amendments this November. While some of these ballot amendments are much-needed changes, one measure has the potential to endanger our state’s future.

Amendment 9, which would permanently ban offshore drilling off Florida’s coastal waters, could cause irreparable damage to our energy future and hinder new opportunities for economic development. 

Offshore energy development has been taking place for decades and is a safe and proven technique to obtain oil and natural gas under the ocean floor. It’s easy to focus on the times where companies have had accidents or equipment has gone faulty, but those are few and far between when compared to the millions of successful times – and those are times that allow us to have hot water and keep our lights on...

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